We are a family not a company

We are Carlotta, Hendrik, Emil and Lea. Actually we never planned to rent camper vans to other people.
We have been too busy with making movies, pressing buttons and attending meetings. But on the day we met each other we stopped our old life and the first thing we did was to go on a road trip through Portugal. 

Now, some years later, we returned here to bring to you what was the beginning of our new life.

As young parents it feels funny to admit but with the birth of our baby things changed. So we quit the buzzing life of Berlin to get closer to nature. After traveling the world our small family settled in this beautiful small country of Portugal. We feel lucky to have such sincere people around us and to live in a place in Europe, where one can still camp on the beach. Portugal remained authentic and we see a great chance that with people like you traveling in this country will remain true. After all, the waves and the surf in Portugal will never change.