Who can rent the van?

Everyone from 21 years of age, with a driving license that is valid in the European Union.

How many drivers are allowed?

You just need to let us know before your travel if you wish an additional driver (+50€) and we ammend the insurance for that.

Where do I get the van?

We are based in the beautiful fishing village of Ericeira, 30km north of Lisbon and known for beeing one of the 5 World Surf Reserves. It's easy to get here within one hour bus drive from the center of Lisbon. It leaves from Campo Grande in Lisbon and costs around 5 Euro. We are happy to give you more information, also see here for time schedule.

Can we meet in Lisbon?

Yes. We can meet you in Lisbon, either at the airport or at Campo Grande. We charge 50€ for this service, each way, regardless how many you are.

How is the van insured?

Every van comes with a 3rd party liabilty that covers every damage to other cars, objects and people up to 6 Mio. Euros. If you choose the basic insurance we will ask you for a deposit of 1500€ and you agree, that you will be accountable for any damage to our car.
You have the option to book an extra insurance for 15€/day to reduce the deposit to 1000€ or 20€/day to reduce it to 500€. This will be the maximum amount you will be accountable for in case of damage to our car.

Can I take the van everywhere in Portugal?

Yes. You can go everywhere you like in Portugal. Although, as in most European cities, old cars are banned from the city center in Lisbon. Also, if you go into the wild, keep in mind that some portuguese streets are really steep or in bad condition and you might have problems to come back up again.

Can I go outside of Portugal?

No. Our cars like to stay in their home country. And in case something goes wrong we like to be able to help you as fast as possible.

Do you provide bedding?

Yes. Of course, bed linen and towels are included in the rental price.

Can I charge my camera and my phone in the car?

Yes. You can charge all 12V Equipment in the USB Plug of the radio. Please bring the USB cable with you.

How many people fit in the van?

Up to 4 people for sleeping. Please have a look at our campervan page.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes. But as much as we like animals, some people will sneeze and cry a lot for allergies, so each car will undergo a deep cleaning after your use. Please understand that we will charge 50€ extra for this.

How do I get water?

In Portugal you will find a well with fresh water in many villages. Also, you can take free water at fuel stations and at campgrounds. If you prefer to buy bottled water please choose the 5L container in order to save plastic.

Is there heating in the van?

No. But we hope you will not need it. When you rent a car in off-season, we will give you a free electric heater, that you can use while beeing connected to outside electricity on a camping ground.

Is there a bathroom in the van?

No. It didn't fit inside. But in many villages you will even find good public toilets. Otherwise, support the community and drink a coffee at the cafe. You will be welcome to use the bathroom.

Can I wild camp?

Yes. Portugal is a real paradise for campervan, because wild camping here is practically tolerated almost everywhere. We encourage you to be sensitive towards your environment, you will feel if it's ok or not. Remember, we are only guest in this beautiful country so don't create a mess around you, keep your trash with you and follow the order of the authorities.

Are campsites open all year round?

Yes. Pretty much everywhere you will find open campsites all year long.

Do you provide maps?

Yes. Each of our van has a road map as well and a surf guide, to find always what you are lookin for.

Do I have to clean before return?

We would love to see clean vans coming back to us. But don't worry, that's part of our job.

What happens in case of breakdown

Our cars are well maintained, but if you choose a vintage car for your travel there is always the chance of a breakdown. A 24h road side assitance is included for all our cars and we are sure that they will help you to continue your road trip without much problems. If a immediate repair is not possible, we will try to provide you another van, if we have one available. Otherwise we will return the cost for the remaining days.

Where do I return the Van?

Usually we will meet you in our hometown Ericeira. If you prefer to drop off the car at Lisbon airport that's also fine. We offer the transfer from/to Lisbon for 50€, pick up and return included.