We have four different campervans for you

Claudia   1984 (VW T3 2.0)

1984 (VW T3 2.0)

Vincent  1980 (Mercedes Benz D207)

1980 (Mercedes Benz D207)

Gulia   1981 (VW T3 1.6D)

1981 (VW T3 1.6D)

Charlotte  1989 (VW T3 1.6TD)

1989 (VW T3 1.6TD)


Your accomodation with ocean view in Portugal

 Our Claudia

She was born in 1984.

She likes to stay close to the ocean and watch the surf. Gasoline and sometimes a little bit of oil is all she needs.
Her speciality is relaxed driving, a convertible roof and a fully equipped kitchen.
She doesn't mind to have people around so she will provide you with four beds.

Easy, economical and independent

Our Charlotte

She was born in 1989.

Charly likes to stay in the sun. On her rooftop she carries a solar panel for free on-board electricity. That will give you full independence on your travel choices, especially if you prefer to stay away from camping grounds. To make it also comfortable for you, Charly is fully isolated against cold and heat, wich makes it a lot easier to keep a cool mind in the sun and to stay cozy at night when you travel in the warm off season in Portugal. This Volkswagen T3 van is our youngest and it combines the classic design with some technological progress. It is very easy to drive and with it's Turbodiesel you can climb some of the steepest roads of Portugal, while at the same time you will not use much fuel at all. Charlotte comes with a roof rack for storing surfboards or the souvenirs for your family. As all our vans also Charly has a fully equipped kitchen. The bench turns into a very big and comfortable bed.

A colorful companion

 Our Giulia

She was born in 1981.

Guilia drives smooth and very easy, with an efficient diesel engine that will take you a very long way. The outside dimension allows you to go everywhere a normal car could go while her elevated roof will give you room for standing while you cook, inside her drawers you have plenty of space for all your stuff. She come with a fully equipped kitchen as well as everything you need to be cozy at night. The bench is openable and will create a large bed with a view on the ocean.  

A camper van for all kinds of a road trip

 Our Vincent

He was born in 1980.

Vincent offers a 360 degree view and when you open the doors you have your apartment right on the beach. His minimal and cozy interior allows much light to enter, but the curtains will allow you privacy nevertheless. Vincent has a lot of space for storage and for yourself, so you can lay down on the couch and stretch your legs while 2 other people are sitting comfortably at the table. Actually, Vincent feels like a living room on wheels. It is convertible into dining area and a sleeping room with a mattress of 160*220cm, good for 2-3 people . An outdoor shower, a 50 Liter water tank and fully equipped kitchen makes Vincent a faithful companion for all kinds of road trips. His economical diesel engine will take you a long way.